Round LiPo Batteries – Round LiPo Battery Cells

Finished Round LiPo Battery Cells in Stock, Provide Customize Service, Get a Free Consultation.
Our Round LiPo Battery Cells Also named circular battery, round battery, round cell, particular shape LiPo Battery range from 30 mm to 50 mm in diameter with high quality and reliability. Dimension and capacity can be customized; LiPol Team provides personalized services, Round LiPo Battery Cells for your needs, and our extensive assortment of Round Battery Cells. We offer the most comprehensive customer-specific assembling solutions.

Round LiPo Battery

Our newly developed Round LiPo Battery cells series perfectly fits the mechanical design of the intelligent prototype device. with different capacities and different sizes and voltages.

Round LiPo Battery cells offer more freedom of choice for your prototypes, And also maintain high lithium Polymer Battery performance:

30-50mm Diameter Round LiPo Battery cells, Suit for Your Wearable Devices, Ask a Data-sheet now!

Round LiPo Battery feature:

1. Compact Round LiPo Battery Cells shape with higher density energy

2. Working voltage from 3.7V to 3.8V

3. PCM, NTC, connector can be easily assembled according to requirements

4. A large number of reasonable prices

5. Longer Round LiPo Battery Cells life and low self-discharge rate

Round LiPo Battery List:

Popular Round LiPo Battery Cells:

Round LiPo Battery LPR333736 3.7V 350mAh

Round LiPo Battery LP303535 3.7V 225mAh

Round LiPo Battery LPR473027 3.8V 330mAh

Round LiPo Battery LPR755040 3.7V 1500mAh

Round LiPo Battery LPR543535 3.7V 600mAh

Round LiPo Battery LPR604543 3.7V 630mAh

Round LiPo Battery Cells List:

Round 3.8V LiPo Battery LPR Series LPR653027 430mAh

Round Battery

Round Battery, Leading Cell Manufacturer, 30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality.
Part No.Voltage CapacitySize
LPR2530273.7V @ 135mAh2.5x30mm
LPR2535353.7V @ 220mAh2.5x35mm
LPR3028233.8V @ 140mAh4.0x35mm
LPR3030273.7V @ 170mAh3.0x30mm
LPR3030283.8V @ 185mAh3.0x30mm
LPR3035353.7V @ 275mAh3.0x35mm
LPR3135353.8V @ 300mAh3.1x35mm
LPR3335353.7V @ 300mAh3.3x35mm
LPR3337363.8V @ 385mAh3.3x37mm
LPR3530273.7V @ 210mAh3.5x30mm
LPR3533313.8V @ 295mAh3.5x33mm
LPR3535353.7V @ 330mAh3.5x35mm
LPR3630273.8V @ 225mAh3.6x30mm
LPR4030273.7V @ 250mAh4.0x30mm
LPR4035303.8V @ 360mAh4.0x35mm
LPR4035353.7V @ 390mAh4.0x35mm
LPR4337363.8V @ 530mAh4.3x37mm
LPR4435353.7V @ 450mAh4.4x35mm
LPR4437353.7V @ 450mAh4.4x37mm
LPR4530273.7V @ 285mAh4.5x30mm
LPR4535353.7V @ 450mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4535353.8V @ 475mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4535353.8V @ 490mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4635353.8V @ 480mAh4.6x35mm
LPR4730273.8V @ 330mAh4.7x30mm
LPR4737363.8V @ 580mAh4.7x37mm
LPR4835353.8V @ 530mAh4.8x35mm
LPR5030273.7V @ 300mAh5.0x30mm
LPR5335353.8V @ 560mAh5.3x35mm
LPR5435353.8V @ 610mAh5.4x35mm
LPR5535323.8V @ 600mAh5.5x35mm
LPR5535353.7V @ 580mAh5.5x35mm
LPR5535353.7V @ 600mAh5.5x35mm
LPR6035333.7V @ 630mAh6.0x35mm
LPR6035353.8V @ 650mAh6.0x35mm
LPR6045433.7V @ 1050mAh6.0x45mm
LPR6530273.8V @ 430mAh6.5x30mm
LPR6539293.8V @ 665mAh6.5x39mm
LPR7035353.7V @ 725mAh7.0x35mm
LPR7035353.8V @ 785mAh7.0x35mm
LPR7042303.7V @ 835mAh7.0x42mm
LPR7550403.7V @ 1500mAh7.5x50mm

Round LiPo Battery Cells:

Application With Special Shape LiPo Battery:

Lithium ion Battery LP18650C 5200mAh for Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Lithium-ion Battery LP18650C 5200mAh for Portable Bluetooth Speaker Lithium-ion batteries also named Li-ion Battery, LiPol Manufacturer Supply kinds of Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, such as Lithium-Ion Battery LP18650(diameter 18mm, length 65mm), Lithium-Ion...

Round LiPo Battery Cells for the electronic toothbrush:

Round LiPo Battery

Round LiPo Battery Cells for Electronic Toothbrush: A built-in mechanism foams the right amount of toothpaste and delivers it to your teeth. The handpiece includes a low-energy wireless charging module; integrated round LiPo Battery Cells can continue to discharge, even if the absence of charging stations, you can brush your teeth without fear, the full automatic toothbrush is made out of four parts: The mouthpiece, the handpiece, Round LiPo Battery Cells and the toothpaste capsules.

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