Li-ion Battery 18650

Li-ion Battery 18650, also named 18650 LiPo Battery, 18650 li-ion battery, is a cell 18mm x 65mm in size. The name refers exclusively to the size of the Li-ion Battery, but there can be minor variations even here. The Li-ion Battery 18650 has become the gold standard for replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion batteries.


Are 18650 Lipo?

No, 18650 batteries are not LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. 18650 batteries are cylindrical lithium-ion batteries with a standardized size of 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length, hence the name 18650.

On the other hand, LiPo batteries are lithium-ion batteries packaged in flexible pouches or bags. Depending on the application’s specific requirements, they can be made in various shapes and sizes.

Although both 18650 batteries and LiPo batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, they have different characteristics and performance specifications that make them suitable for different applications. For example, 18650 batteries are often used in high-drain applications such as flashlights and laptops, while LiPo batteries are commonly used in remote control vehicles, drones, and portable electronics.

Best Li-ion Battery 18650

Best Li-ion Battery 18650 Manufacturer:

18650+ Battery 2S 3500mAh 7.4V

18650+ Battery 4P 14000mAh

18650 Battery PCM

Li-ion 18650 Battery 24000mAh 3.7V 1S8P

When we look at a Li-ion Battery 18650, secondary li-ion battery, or Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, the most important is the continuous discharge rating (CDR), also known as amperage capacity.

The Li-ion Battery 18650 offers the best performance of any consumer-grade rechargeable Lithium-ion battery;

18650 battery size or 18650 dimensions is easy to find according to its name; li-ion Battery 18650 is a cylindrical battery with a Diameter of 18mm, and a length of 65mm.

No matter what you name it, 18650 lipo battery or 18650 Li-ion Battery, it’s the same; many customers ask what’s the difference between the LiPo Battery and the Li-ion Battery; they are Lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Those Li-ion Batteries 18650 are not susceptible to damage from charging before fully discharged, though the Li-ion Battery 18650 degrades at about the same rate as your smartphone battery.
The Li-ion Battery 18650 isn’t a standardized cell; They’re not all built equally or with the same task.

Typically, Li-ion Battery 18650 only has 2200mAh;
We got the Best Li-ion Battery 18650 with 3500mAh 10A discharge current; those Li-ion Battery 18650 already authorized with IEC62133-2017 and UN38.3 certificates; you can customize the Li-ion Battery 18650 into higher capacity and higher Voltage by parallel and assemble the Li-ion Battery.

Single-cell of Li-ion Battery 18650 with a capacity 3500mAh,
We are the Li-ion Battery 18650 Manufacturer with Competitive Price and High Quality; we meet Your Different Needs by Assembling the Li-ion Battery 18650 in Series and Parallel; customize Your Li-ion Battery 18650 in Any Size, Capacity, and Shape.

The CDR is the rate at which current—measured in amps (A)—can be pulled from the Li-ion Battery 18650 without overheating. To find out which Li-ion Battery 18650 is correct, you’ll need to match the CDR of the Li-ion Battery 18650 with the power draw associated with your device.

If you pick the wrong Li-ion Battery 18650, the cells will get too hot. The heat will damage the Li-ion Battery 18650, reducing its overall lifespan. Overheating may cause cells to explode, leak, or damage your device.

The connector made by JST Molex Hirose is also available with the custom length of wires.PCM can be built-in for over-charging, over-discharge, short-circuit, and temperature control.

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Ask for Li-ion Battery 18650 specification and check the relevant Li-ion Battery 18650 specification on our website; li-ion Battery 18650 is the rechargeable Li-ion Battery with 0.7 inches diameter, 2.56 inches length, 18mm diameter, 65mm length (18mm to inches 0.7, 65mm to inches 2.56).

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Can lithium-ion batteries be on planes?
Are lithium batteries allowed on planes?
Can you take lithium batteries on a plane?

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Do you have battery stock forever?
Yes, forever stock model! Li-ion Battery 18650 is your demand choice.


Best Li-ion Battery 18650

Best Li-ion Battery 18650 Manufacturer:

Meet Your Different Needs by Assembling the 18650 Battery in Series and Parallel.

Lithium-ion Battery

LiPol Manufacturer Supply kinds of Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, such as Lithium-Ion Battery LP18650(diameter 18mm, length 65mm), Lithium-Ion Battery LP26650(diameter 26mm, length 65mm), Lithium-Ion Battery LP21700(diameter 21mm, length 70mm).
LP18650D3,7 V2200 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650C3,7 V2600 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650B3,7 V2800 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650A3,7 V3200 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650A+3,7 V3500 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650S3,7 V3350 mAh18.5*70 mm
LP18650D 2P3,7 V4400 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650C 2P3,7 V5200 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650B 2P3,7 V5600 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A 2P3,7 V6400 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A+ 2P3,7 V7000 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650S 2P3,7 V6700 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650D 3P3,7 V6600 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650C 3P3,7 V7800 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650B 3P3,7 V8400 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A 3P3,7 V9600 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A+ 3P3,7 V10500 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650S 3P3,7 V10050 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650D 2S7,4 V2200 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650C 2S7,4 V2600 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650B 2S7,4 V2800 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A 2S7,4 V3200 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650A+ 2S7,4 V3500 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650S 2S7,4 V3350 mAh19*37*67 mm
LP18650D 3S11,1 V2200 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650C 3S11,1 V2600 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650B 3S11,1 V2800 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A 3S11,1 V3200 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650A+ 3S11,1 V3500 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP18650S 3S11,1 V3350 mAh19*56*70 mm
LP26650A3.6V 5000mAh26*65 mm
LP26650B3.6V4500mAh26*65 mm
LP26650C3.6V4000mAh26*65 mm
LP21700A3.7V4800mAh21*70 mm
LP21700B3.7V4500mAh21*70 mm
LP21700C3.7V4000mAh21*70 mm

Best Li-ion Battery 18650

Best High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650:

High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650 is a Rechargeable Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery with a 30A discharge current,

The CDR of 30A is the highest actual rating among all Li-ion Batteries, and it has the test to maintain a low running temperature at up to 40A CDR.

The maximum current of the High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650 can be discharged continuously and safely per manufacturer testing without damaging the High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650. Pushing a High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650 to limits beyond its ability will significantly increase the risk of High Rate Li-ion Battery 18650 failure.

Lots of customers ask about the Samsung 18650 battery; LiPol has the Li-ion Battery 18650 with 3500mAh high capacity, 10A discharge current,

High Rate 18650

High Rate 18650, Leading Cell Manufacturer, 30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality.
ModelsCapacityMax Discharge CurrentVoltageInternal resistanceWeight (g)

Best Li-ion Battery 18650:

Best Li-ion Battery Used For:

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The best Li-ion Battery can be used for lots of consumer devices:

Li-ion Battery 18650:

18650 battery size of diameter 18mm, length of 65mm,
18650 LiPo Battery or 18650 Li-ion Battery, it’s the same Li-ion 18650.

LP18650D 6600mAh 7.4V 3P 2S3P Li-ion Battery 18650

LP18650D 6600mAh 7.4V 3P 2S3P Li-ion Battery 18650

LP18650D 6600mAh 7.4V 3P 2S3P Li-ion Battery 18650 With PCM & 10K NTC and wires 50mm Model LP18650D 6600mAh 7.4V 3P 2S3P Li-ion Battery 18650 Type 2S3P Li-ion Battery 18650 Capacity 6600mAh 7.4V 3P 2S3P Li-ion Battery 18650 Voltage 7.4V 3P 2S3P Li-ion Battery...

3S2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 11.1V 7000mAh 77.7Wh

3S2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 11.1V 7000mAh 77.7Wh

3S2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 11.1V 7000mAh 77.7Wh With PCM &  wires 50mm & Molex 456450200 Model 3S2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 11.1V 7000mAh 77.7Wh Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery  Capacity 7000mAh Voltage 11.1V Energy 77.7Wh Net Weight 380 g Detail...

2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 7000mAh 25.9Wh

2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 7000mAh 25.9Wh

2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 7000mAh 25.9Wh With PCM &  wires 50mm & JST PHR-2 Model 2P Li-ion Battery LP18650A+ 3.7V 7000mAh 25.9Wh Type Rechargeable LiPo battery Capacity 7000mAh Voltage 3.7V Energy 25.90Wh Net Weight 140 g Detail Protection...

Li-ion Battery

LiPol provide the Li-ion Battery, Not only the Li-ion Battery 18650, such as Li-ion Battery LP21700, Li-ion Battery LP21600, Li-ion Battery LP26650, etc

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Best Li-ion Battery 18650:

Li-ion Battery 18650 Charge Curve:

Li-ion Battery 18650 Charge Curve with -10℃


Best Li-ion Battery 18650:

Li-ion Battery 18650 Charge Curve:

Li-ion Battery 18650 Charge Curve with -20℃


Best Li-ion Battery 18650:

Li-ion Battery 18650 Discharge Curve:

Li-ion Battery 18650 discharge curve at -20℃ -45℃

Discharge Characteristics Dependence on Temperature