High Rate Discharge LiPo Batteries 8C

Accurate Size & Safe with Japan IC+Mos & Density Capacity

If you know the continuous current and the capacity of the pack you want, you can easily determine the C rate you need. If you are drawing 5A from a 1000mAh pack, simply take the current and divide by the capacity: 5A = 5000mA, 5000mA / 1000mAh = 5C.
High Rate LiPo batteries is also given a C rate in terms of burst, which is the rate at which the battery discharges in a short period of time. A 1000mAh LiPo batteries, the burst rate is 10C, which means the battery can provide 10 x 1000mA=10000mA current for several seconds.

High Rate Discharge LiPo Batteries 8C

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  • Stable operating voltage of 3.7V
    Higher discharge rate for the device
  • Outstanding discharge rate with LiPo batteries.
  • Huge capacity can support to the motor and other power devices
  • High energy density for your choose
  • Good performance and long cycle life
    Safety and friendly


High Discharge current C rating describes how quickly a battery can be discharged.
Due to the high rate discharge LiPo battery use the electrode material which is favorable for high rate discharge, the internal resistance design of the electrode is smaller than that of the standard battery, so the rate battery has high discharge platform, high discharge efficiency, and high output power and energy.

Batteries with high power provide rapid discharge capability at high drain rates such as in power tools or automobile starter battery applications. Typically, high power batteries have low energy densities.

High rate discharge LiPo batteries can be rapidly discharged in a short period. If you select the inequality High rate discharge LiPo batteries, it may lead to short-circuiting of  LiPo Batteries and even have destroyed to your devices. So it is important to select an unbeatable one to work for you. Our High rate discharge LiPo battery engineers put into more design more effort and high technology to design, manufacture High rate discharge LiPo batteries, and custom special PCM that for some personal need. The special PCM can ensure High rate discharge LiPo batteries to be more stable, safe and durable when high discharging.

Battery manufacturers often specify capacity at a given discharge rate, temperature, and cut-off voltage. The specified capacity will depend on all three factors. A battery that appears to have a high capacity on a spec sheet may actually perform poorly if the current drain for the application is higher. For instance, a battery rated at 2 Ah for a 20-hour discharge cannot deliver 2 A for 1 hour, but will only provide a fraction of the capacity.

High Rate Discharge LiPo Batteries 8C List:

Highly Discharged LiPo batteries 8C

Highly Discharged LiPo batteries 8C, China High-quality supplier of high rate discharge Lithium Polymer Batteries.
ModelCapacity(mAh) C ratingVoltage(V)Dimension(mm
LPHD808314510500 mAh8C3,7V145 x 83 x 8.0
LPHD878014511000 mAh8C3,7V145 x 80 x 8.7
LPHD59290761250 mAh8C3,7V76 x 29 x 5.9
LPHD80420401300 mAh8C3,7V40 x 42 x 8.0
LPHD68350621550 mAh8C3,7V62 x 35 x 6.8
LPHD70350621550 mAh8C3,7V62 x 35 x 7.0
LPHD56340761650 mAh8C3,7V76 x 34 x 5.6
LPHD67430601700 mAh8C3,7V60 x 43 x 6.7
LPHDA0340501700 mAh8C3,7V50 x 34 x 10.0
LPHD52430801800 mAh8C3,7V80 x 43 x 5.2
LPHD56420802100 mAh8C3,7V80 x 42 x 5.6
LPHD989019021000 mAh8C3,7V190 x 90 x 9.8
LPHDA59019021000 mAh8C3,7V190 x 90 x 10.5
LPHDA79018521000 mAh8C3,7V185 x 90 x 10.7
LPHDA79019021000 mAh8C3,7V190 x 90 x 10.7
LPHDA79019021000 mAh8C3,7V190 x 90 x 10.7
LPHDA89019021000 mAh8C3,7V190 x 90 x 10.8
LPHD65340962150 mAh8C3,7V96 x 34 x 6.5
LPHDA79019022500 mAh8C3,7V190 x 90 x 10.7
LPHD58420852400 mAh8C3,7V85 x 42 x 5.8
LPHD928226224000 mAh8C3,7V262 x 82 x 9.2
LPHDA79021524000 mAh8C3,7V215 x 90 x 10.7
LPHD57420852500 mAh8C3,7V85 x 42 x 5.7
LPHDA7B218525500 mAh8C3,7V185 x 112 x 10.7
LPHD63420852600 mAh8C3,7V85 x 42 x 6.3
LPHD78400782700 mAh8C3,7V78 x 40 x 7.8
LPHD80400782700 mAh8C3,7V78 x 40 x 8.0
LPHD999623527500 mAh8C3,7V235 x 96 x 9.9
LPHDA7C018527500 mAh8C3,7V185 x 120 x 10.7
LPHD78430802900 mAh8C3,7V80 x 43 x 7.8
LPHDA7C020029500 mAh8C3,7V200 x 120 x 10.7
LPHDA7C918529500 mAh8C3,7V185 x 129 x 10.7
LPHD74391003100 mAh8C3,7V100 x 39 x 7.4
LPHDA5320883400 mAh8C3,7V88 x 32 x 10.5
LPHD61421554400 mAh8C3,7V155 x 42 x 6.1
LPHD75421264500 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 7.5
LPHD65421504650 mAh8C3,7V150 x 42 x 6.5
LPHD88770684700 mAh8C3,7V68 x 77 x 8.8
LPHD68451354800 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 6.8
LPHD69451354800 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 6.9
LPHD78451194900 mAh8C3,7V119 x 45 x 7.8
LPHD79451194900 mAh8C3,7V119 x 45 x 7.9
LPHD93770684900 mAh8C3,7V68 x 77 x 9.3
LPHD95361285000 mAh8C3,7V128 x 36 x 9.5
LPHD84431285050 mAh8C3,7V128 x 43 x 8.4
LPHD80451195100 mAh8C3,7V119 x 45 x 8.0
LPHD50801255250 mAh8C3,7V125 x 80 x 5.0
LPHD82491355800 mAh8C3,7V135 x 49 x 8.2
LPHD93770806000 mAh8C3,7V80 x 77 x 9.3
LPHDA9401216050 mAh8C3,7V121 x 40 x 10.9
LPHD93451236300 mAh8C3,7V123 x 45 x 9.3
LPHD95451236300 mAh8C3,7V123 x 45 x 9.5
LPHD98451196300 mAh8C3,7V119 x 45 x 9.8
LPHDA0471156300 mAh8C3,7V115 x 47 x 10.0
LPHDA3471156300 mAh8C3,7V115 x 47 x 10.3
LPHDA3471156300 mAh8C3,7V115 x 47 x 10.3
LPHDA4471156300 mAh8C3,7V115 x 47 x 10.4
LPHDA4471156300 mAh8C3,7V115 x 47 x 10.4
LPHDA3471156850 mAh8C3,7V115 x 47 x 10.3
LPHDB0421266900 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 11.0
LPHD98451357000 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 9.8
LPHD99451357000 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 9.9
LPHDA0451357000 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 10.0
LPHDA0451357000 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 10.0
LPHDA1451357000 mAh8C3,7V135 x 45 x 10.1
LPHDA7421267000 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 10.7
LPHDA8421267000 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 10.8
LPHDA9421267000 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 10.9
LPHDB0421267000 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 11.0
LPHDB0421267000 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 11.0
LPHDB0421267000 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 11.0
LPHDB0421267500 mAh8C3,7V126 x 42 x 11.0
LPHD60721968900 mAh8C3,7V196 x 72 x 6.0

What are Capacity And Discharge?

A LiPo battery's capacity is the amount of electric charge it can deliver at the rated voltage. The more electrode material contained in the cell the greater it is capacity. A small cell has less capacity than a larger cell with the same chemistry, although they develop the same open-circuit voltage. Capacity is measured in units such as amp-hour (A·h). The rated capacity of a LiPo battery is usually expressed as the product of 20 hours multiplied by the current that a new LiPo battery can consistently supply for 20 hours at 68 °F (20 °C) while remaining above a specified terminal voltage per cell. For example, a LiPo battery rated at 100 A·h can deliver 5 A over a 20-hour period at room temperature. The fraction of the stored charge that a LiPo battery can deliver depends on multiple factors, including battery chemistry, the rate at which the charge is delivered (current), the required terminal voltage, the storage period, ambient temperature and other factors.

What is mAh?

The A is capitalized because, under the International System of Units, “ampere” is always represented with a capital A. The term mAh is an abbreviation for “milliampere-hour,” and it’s a way to express the electrical capacity of smaller LiPo Batteries. With larger batteries, like car LiPo Batteries, we usually use ampere-hours, or Ah. There is 1000 mAh in a single Ah. mAh is calculated by multiplying the amount of time the LiPo batteries last by the amperes of the discharge current.

Simple Guidelines for Discharging LiPo Batteries :

Heat increases LiPo batteries performance but shortens life by a factor of two for every 10°C increase above 25–30°C (18°F above 77–86°F). Always keep the LiPo Batteries cool.
Prevent over-discharging. Cell reversal can cause an electrical short.
On high load and repetitive full discharges, reduce stress by using larger LiPo Batteries.
A moderate DC discharge is better for a LiPo battery than a pulse and heavy momentary loads.
A LiPo battery exhibits capacitor-like characteristics when discharging at high frequency. This allows higher peak currents than is possible with a DC load.
Nickel- and lithium-based LiPo Batteries have a fast chemical reaction; lead-acid is sluggish and requires a few seconds to recover between heavy loads.
All LiPo Batteries suffer stress when stretched to maximum permissible tolerances.

Rigorous Testing and Fast Delivery

All High Rate LiPo Batteries will be rigorously tested before shipping. It is significant to ensure a higher quality of  LiPo Batteries. What’s more, we stock additional High Discharge C rating LiPo Batteries for samples and small order, you can get it faster than making a new sample.

To select the Best LiPo Batteries for your RC helicopter

To select a LiPo Battery for your RC helicopter, you first need to know what voltage you require and how much current you will be drawing continuously. If the motor in your RC helicopter is rated to work with 14.8V, you would need a 4 cell LiPo battery. If you need to draw 10A, and you would like your RC helicopter to have a 10 minute (1/6th of an hour = 6C) flight, you would need a LiPo battery with 10A / 6 = 1.7A = 1700mAh. This means you would need to put a 3s 1700mAh LiPo battery with a C rating of 6 or higher in your RC helicopter.

Application with High Rate Discharge LiPo Batteries 8C:

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