LiPo Batteries Thickness 0.2mm – 1.9mm, 0.2mm Thickness Hot Selling Rechargeable LiPo Batteries


LiPo Batteries Thickness 0.2mm – 1.9mm, 0.2mm Thickness Hot Selling Rechargeable LiPo Batteries, Quality China Manufacturer
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We provide over 2,000 LiPo batteries with 8 years’ experience!
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Our Hot Selling Instock LiPo Batteries 20mAh – 10Ah

We have thousands of models with LiPo batteries in stock, we can not put every model on our website and inventory changed every day, pls contact our sale before your consideration, we can offer you the recommendation.

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LiPo Batteries Thickness From 0.4mm - 1.9mm

LiPo Batteries thickness from 0.4mm - 1.9mm, Leading Lithium Polymer Batteries Manufacturer, 30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality, Accept small sample order & custom dimensions.
LP04225521 mAh0.422553.7V
LP07273625 mAh0.727363.7V
LP0818318 mAh0.818313.7V
LP09403458 mAh0.940343.7V
LP10141415 mAh114143.7V
LP10303550 mAh130353.7V
LP10305390 mAh130533.7V
LP14281735 mAh1.428173.7V
LP15102012 mAh1.510203.7V
LP15102512 mAh1.510253.7V
LP15251750 mAh1.525173.7V
LP15263895 mAh1.526383.7V
LP153040110 mAh1.530403.7V
LP1580981400 mAh1.580983.7V
LP16182333 mAh1.618233.7V
LP16182537 mAh1.618253.7V
LP18214280 mAh1.821423.7V
LP182030400 mAh1.820303.7V
LP185388790 mAh1.853883.7V
LP19132025 mAh1.913203.7V
LP19162235 mAh1.916223.7V
LP193555210 mAh1.935553.7V

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