LiPo Batteries Thickness 12mm – 12.9mm, 12mm Thickness Hot Selling Rechargeable LiPo Batteries


LiPo Batteries Thickness 12mm – 12.9mm, 12mm Thickness Hot Selling Rechargeable LiPo Batteries, All new LiPo Batteries are designed for consumer products, such as smartwatches, LED Light, Electronic toothbrushes, in-car electric shaver, Mini scanner and so on.

Our Hot Selling Instock LiPo Batteries 20mAh – 10Ah

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LP625385 6000mAh 3.7V High Capacity 2P LiPo Battery

LP625385 6000mAh 3.7V High Capacity 2P LiPo Battery

LP625385 6000mAh 3.7V High Capacity 2P LiPo Battery With PCM and wires 50mm and connector Model LP625385 6000mAh 3.7V High Capacity 2P LiPo Battery Type High Capacity 2P LiPo Battery Capacity 6000mAh LiPo Battery Voltage 3.7V LiPo Battery Energy 22.2Wh LiPo Battery...

7.4V Rechargeable Hot Selling LiPo Batteries LP602342 2S 600mAh

7.4V Rechargeable Hot Selling LiPo Batteries LP602342 2S 600mAh

Rechargeable Hot Selling LiPo 7.4V 2S Batteries LP602342 600mAh With PCM & wires 50mm Model Rechargeable Hot Selling 7.4V 2S LiPo Batteries LP602342 600mAh Type Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Capacity 600mAh Voltage 7.4V Energy 4.44Wh Net Weight 32 g Detail...

12mm thickness Lithium Polymer Batteries

Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Polymer Batteries Thickness of 12mm - 12mm Lithium Polymer Batteries, Leading Lithium Polymer Batteries Manufacturer, 30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality, Accept small sample order & custom dimensions.
modelcapacitythickness (mm)width (mm)length (mm)voltage
LP121720330 mAh1217203.7V
LP121820330 mAh1218203.7V
LP122535950 mAh1225353.7V
LP1227301000 mAh1227303.7V
LP1225541100 mAh1225543.7V
LP1220431200 mAh1220433.7V
LP1228401250 mAh1228403.7V
LP1238381350 mAh1238383.7V
LP1230301400 mAh1230303.7V
LP1233341400 mAh1233343.7V
LP1224471500 mAh1224473.7V
LP1235481600 mAh1235483.7V
LP1227501700 mAh1227503.7V
LP1230461800 mAh1230463.7V
LP1230471800 mAh1230473.7V
LP1234461800 mAh1234463.7V
LP1236401900 mAh1236403.7V
LP1224602000 mAh1224603.7V
LP1240402000 mAh1240403.7V
LP1237402100 mAh1237403.7V
LP1225702500 mAh1225703.7V
LP1235572500 mAh1235573.7V
LP1234602700 mAh1234603.7V
LP1236542800 mAh1236543.7V
LP1244442800 mAh1244443.7V
LP1236553000 mAh1236553.7V
LP1236623000 mAh1236623.7V
LP1240533000 mAh1240533.7V
LP1245453000 mAh1245453.7V
LP1245473000 mAh1245473.7V
LP1246453000 mAh1246453.7V
LP1246463100 mAh1246463.7V
LP1243463200 mAh1243463.7V
LP1230783300 mAh1230783.7V
LP1248473300 mAh1248473.7V
LP1250523300 mAh1250523.7V
LP1248493400 mAh1248493.7V
LP1240603450 mAh1240603.7V
LP1224613600 mAh1224613.7V
LP1235683600 mAh1235683.7V
LP1244613600 mAh1244613.7V
LP1239603650 mAh1239603.7V
LP1242603850 mAh1242603.7V
LP1239724000 mAh1239723.7V
LP1240654000 mAh1240653.7V
LP1243574000 mAh1243573.7V
LP1248534000 mAh1248533.7V
LP1248584000 mAh1248583.7V
LP1250544000 mAh1250543.7V
LP1255544000 mAh1255543.7V
LP1234974500 mAh1234973.7V
LP1240684500 mAh1240683.7V
LP1242734500 mAh1242733.7V
LP1250604500 mAh1250603.7V
LP1241704700 mAh1241703.7V
LP1205465000 mAh1254653.7V
LP1240805000 mAh1240803.7V
LP1241755000 mAh1241753.7V
LP1247705000 mAh1247703.7V
LP1248615000 mAh1248613.7V
LP1252785000 mAh1252783.7V
LP1254655000 mAh1254653.7V
LP1258605000 mAh1258603.7V
LP1245855500 mAh1245853.7V
LP1240966000 mAh1240963.7V
LP1261696200 mAh1261693.7V
LP1255746700 mAh1255743.7V
LP1255756800 mAh1255753.7V
LP12501007500 mAh12501003.7V
LP1260908000 mAh1260903.7V
LP1261959500 mAh1261953.7V
LP1261969500 mAh1261963.7V
LP1259989600 mAh1259983.7V
LP126010010000 mAh12601003.7V
LP12639310000 mAh1263933.7V
LP12639410000 mAh1263943.7V

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