3.7V LiPo Batteries

We have huge range of LiPo Batteries varing in capacity (20~10000mAh) and thickness (0.7~13.0m),you can find one fit your mechanic designs perfectly with no need custom any more.

3.7V LiPo Batteries : 20mAh – 10000mAh List

All kinds of LiPo Batteries That You Need

Hot Selling LiPo Batteries

You can find any dimensinons for your prototype or your new application. See our Hot selling Lipo batteries catalog. Our stocks have a large range of LiPo batteries. There are few samples and small orders.

LiPo Batteries 18650

An 18650 LiPo Batteries is a cell that’s 18mm x 65mm in size. The name refers exclusively to the size of the lithium-ion cell, but there can be minor variations even here. The 18650 has become the new gold standard for replaceable and rechargeable LiPo Batteries.

Round LiPo Batteries

The perfect partner for the product developer Samples in stock for testing Quick response with data sheet Huge range and affordable price Ask now the LiPo Round Batteries for evaluation and prototype!

Curved LiPo Batteries

Production time of non-standard burning speed. Temporary samples for prototypes Safe Curved LiPo Batteries with Japan IC MOS NTC | Fast shipping and short delivery time Contact us now !

Ultra-Thin LiPo Batteries

The perfect partner for the product developer Samples in stock for testing Quick response with data sheet Huge range and affordable price Please request an Ultra-thin LiPo Batteries  for Evaluate & Prototype now!

LIPO battery series


We developed and designed different series of LiPo Batteries for selection and evaluation, Our LiPo batteries are designed for Wearable Medical devices, hardware prototypes, wireless devices, and fitness tracking devices.

Protective Circuit (Prevent the battery from short-circuiting), NTC (Thermistor) and Connectors (Molex, JST & Hirose) are assembled when requested.

We focus on helping our customers design the best custom battery pack products that are the most cost-effectiveenvironmentally safe and exceed all of their specifications. Our offering of LiPo batteries and custom LiPo battery packs allows us to work with our customers and their engineering teams to manage the power needs of their end products. Our goal is to exceed your specifications while keeping you under budget.

Agriculture, car equipment, communication, consumer, industrial, medical, dosin

Hot selling LiPo Batteries

3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Batteries Supplier, Accurate Size & Safe with Japan IC+Mos & Density Capacity. 20mAh – 10000mAh Standard LiPo Batteries & Custom LiPo Batteries for all your mechanical needs.

Rechargeable LiPo Batteries 20mAh-10000mAh

Standard 3.7V LiPo Batteries

Hot Selling LiPo Batteries

We have thousands of models with LiPo batteries in stock, we can not put every model on our website and inventory changed every day, pls contact our sale before your consideration, we can offer you the recommendation.

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Get answer before you buy LiPo Batteries. Whether a quote or a specification request from our LiPol battery section, We do not provide telephone support, the reason being that it is impossible to offer a quality product at an attractive price or answer your questions without making some compromises. We have decided to compromise on human resources rather than the technical.

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