Special shaped LiPo Battery LPR755040 used for multifunctional dynamic cupping massager

The cupping massager dimension is 3.7×3.7×2.83 inches, compact size perfect recovery tool for various areas, You can carry it around and enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime, and the lipo battery dimension is 7.5mm* 50mm* 40mm, it’s a special shaped lipo battery LPR755040, capacity is 1500mAh with 3 Hrs LiPo Battery Life, the battery weight is 30g, and the cupping massager is 200g.

With the Smart cupping massager, it also has the App Control – you can Customize cupping time from 1 second to 12 minutes and maximum control 6 cuppers in the same time, with 3 Sizes Cup Attachment- Just need 2 seconds to replace the cup attachments and meet your body needs, A simple touch on the control panel frees you from exhausting hand manipulation.

Effective Myofascial Release – The innovative combination of different treatments enables effective trigger point or myofascial release while enhancing circulation, mobility, and flexibility in just a few minutes, Sets with rhythmic alternation of suction and release, which boosts blood circulation faster to the cupping area and speeds up the recovery process, Offering suction of 5 different modes and 5 intensity levels, it serves as your personal massage therapist and tailors a message to your own needs.

Dynamic cupping massager can combines dynamic suction, smart massage, and red light therapy in one device, bringing faster results in healing skin and muscle tissue, a good aid in pain, inflammation,  as well as creating more relaxation, It’s an incredible recovery tool for pain management and myofascial release, a perfect choice for both professional and home use.

Battery Type

LiPo Battery LPR755040 1500mAh

Part Number


Voltage @ Capacity

3.7V @ 1500mAh




AWG26 UL1571 50mm





Thermistor (NTC)


Charge Temperature

10°C to +45°C

Discharge Temperature

0°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-10°C to +45°C

1500mAh LiPo Batteries also used for

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