Rechargeable LiPo battery LP9065120 10000mAh for 4K Monitor

The Bluetooth Portable Speaker is perfect for taking on the go. It has an ultra-durable construction.  With 10000mAh battery LP9065120 lasting approximately 3-4 hours of playtime along with an in-built SD card reader, 1 x full-size USB port, 1 x micro USB port, and one headphone jack. 

Sold as an additional perk, the Bluetooth speaker is an ideal addition to complement the 4K Monitor.  The speaker has an in-built stand (cradle) on the front edge for the Monitor to sit.

high-quality cables included:

SB Type-C cable for data  & file transfer & for watching movies in 4K Ultra High Definition

USB Type-C fast charging cable and wall adaptor PD 3.0 (2nd port) is standard

HDMI cable:

The standard size USB cable

The LiPo battery LP9065120 10000mAh will charge your devices using USB Type C

Built with a protective case and stand, the 4K Monitor is resistant to scratches, dust, and invasive particles.

Available with a sleek leather case.

No other 4k monitor on the market transfers both image and touch from computers, phones, and tablets wirelessly. 

Evolve III has created the Astro 4K Monitor to set a new standard for wireless touchscreen monitors.

Wireless Monitor-NO CABLES

Wirelessly connects to all laptops/notebooks 

Wirelessly connects to all smartphones | tablets | iPads

Connects with PS4 | XBOX One | Nintendo Switch using HDMI

13.3″ & 15.6″ screen size

4K UHD, 10 point touchscreen

Resolution: 3840×2160-60Hz refresh

Built-in 10,000mAh LiPo Battery LP9065120

Built-in speakers

Wireless connection via WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0

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LP90681319600 mAh131689.03.7V
LP82651359100 mAh135658.23.7V
LP78701709500 mAh170707.83.7V
LP90651269800 mAh126659.03.7V

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