Rechargeable LiPo battery LP985880 6000mAh for Bike Camera

Bike Camera comes with LiPo Battery LP985880 6000mAh batteries and can easily be recharged with the complimentary Micro-USB cable.

The Camera Light can recharge your favorite gadget & is ideal for long rides when you need to recharge your smartphone. Connect your USB cable to Bike Camera and charge!

The LiPo battery LP985880 power bank has a whopping 3.7 voltage/ 6000 mAh capacity, with Input 5v 1A and output 5v 1.5A for maximum roadside charging.

The Camera can be turned off to maximize your LiPo battery’s charge by 3-6 times for extending your LiPo battery life. No need to worry – even with the camera off you’re traffic signals will still work so you can live broadcast your ride to your social networks or record video in full HD-resolution!

iOS & Android app with an activity tracker, a navigation system, and more.

Our iOS and Android mobile app allow cyclists to view camera footage in real-time, track and navigate their ride, monitor fitness parameters, connect and share to social networks, and much more.

With a revolutionary Full 1080P HD rear-view camera, smart sensors, and a complementary app, The camera is the ultimate safety device for cyclists. Our streaming camera, power bank, activity tracker, odometer, and other smart safety features will be sure to make your ride safe and connected. Let The Bike Camera change the way you ride.

The bike Camera makes any bike a safer and smarter by seamlessly connecting with your smartphone. View the traffic behind you, live stream your ride, and signal to cars all through smartphone integration. The Bike Camera is equipped with a rear-facing HD camera, Automatic Stop, Turn, and Motion signals.

To navigate the turn signals comes with a wireless remote that securely attaches to your handlebars. It has Automatic Stop, Turn, and Motion signals.

With the rear-facing camera, you can view traffic & stream your ride wherever you are.

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Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 6000mAh

Rechargeable 3.7V LiPo Batteries 6000mAh, Manufacturing Of Lithium Polymer Battery, Meet Your Different Needs by Assembling the Battery in Series and Parallel, Accept OEM & ODM orders.
LP1049926000 mAh9249103.7V
LP1055736000 mAh7355103.7V
LP1160756000 mAh7560113.7V
LP5567976000 mAh97675.53.7V
LP55701256000 mAh125705.53.7V
LP60551486000 mAh148556.53.7V
LP60681166000 mAh116686.03.7V
LP80631006000 mAh100638.03.7V
LP8164886000 mAh88648.13.7V
LP8465866000 mAh86658.43.7V
LP85421366000 mAh136428.53.7V
LP9060906000 mAh90609.03.7V
LP9456866000 mAh86569.43.7V
LP9652926000 mAh92529.63.7V
LP9668716000 mAh71689.63.7V
LP9868706000 mAh70689.83.7V
LP45731256000 mAh125734.53.7V
LP68681206000 mAh120686.83.7V
LP70661506000 mAh150667.03.7V
LP72491356000 mAh135497.23.7V
LP76591566000 mAh156597.63.7V
LP76651326000 mAh132657.63.7V
LP80601006000 mAh100608.03.7V
LP84651326000 mAh132658.43.7V
LP88651326000 mAh132658.83.7V
LP90421246000 mAh124429.03.7V
LP95411156000 mAh115419.53.7V
LP281341376000 mAh1371342.83.7V
LP69491356050 mAh135496.93.7V
LP39771286200 mAh128773.93.7V
LP1261696200 mAh6961123.7V
LP1155906300 mAh9055113.7V
LP67711116300 mAh111716.73.7V
LP72491356300 mAh135497.23.7V
LP80651326500 mAh132658.03.7V
LP88511176500 mAh117518.83.7V
LP92471706500 mAh170479.23.7V
LP1060806800 mAh8060103.7V

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