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Leading Designer and Manufacturer from China in Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cell & Packs, Over 30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality, Lithium Polymer Battery with Enough inventory to fulfill the customer’s order, Flexible Dimensions ​High Energy Density, Accept small sample order & custom dimensions, Accept OEM & ODM orders.

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Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer are getting more popular in modern consumer electronics, LiPol manufacturers offer both lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer batteries.

The most significant difference between lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries is the chemical electrolyte between their positive and negative electrodes.

In Li-Po batteries, it isn’t a liquid. Instead, Li-Po technology uses one of three forms: a dry solid, which was largely phased out during the prototype years of lithium polymer batteries; a porous chemical compound; or, a gel-like electrolyte. The most popular among these is the last one, which is the type of battery you’ll find in newer laptop computers and electric cars.

Lithium-polymer batteries are generally robust and flexible, especially when it comes to the size and shape of their build. They are also lightweight and have a lower chance of suffering from leaking electrolytes. But lithium-polymer batteries aren’t perfect either: they are significantly more costly to manufacture, and they do not have the same energy density (amount of power that can be stored) or lifespan as a lithium-ion.

“Lithium-ion batteries are incredibly efficient. They stuff freakish amounts of energy in a tiny package.”

Typically, the advantage of a lithium-ion battery is high power density, lack of what’s called the memory effect (when batteries become harder to charge over time), and their significantly lower cost than lithium-polymer.  lithium-ion batteries are inherently unstable, suffer from aging, and are potentially dangerous. If the battery that separates the positive and negative electrodes is ever breached, the chemical reaction can cause combustion (fire). As Li-ion batteries have become more popular in consumer electronics, businesses have tried to lower costs by cutting corners. While quality batteries are perfectly safe, you should always be careful when buying no-name brands.

Leading Designer and Manufacturer from China in Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cell & Packs.Over 2000pcs LiPo Batteries For Your Selection. Safe with Japan IC+Mos, Get Samples in Few Days.

We are the leading designer & manufacturer of Lithium Ion Polymer Battery cells & packs in Shenzhen China and was founded in 1995, LiPol team has been focusing on providing great LiPo Batteries Solutions for product development. From the design and customize Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries (also named LiPoly batteries, Li-Poly batteries, Li-Polymer batteries), to battery testing and shipment, we can meet the customer’s unique requirements within effective time,  for helping customer win the projects.

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The daily challenge to create something new is fascinating more is expected of us than the other battery manufacturer. I think we create the future. LiPol Battery’s innovative energy storage systems make power available everywhere all the time. Our scientists develop LiPo batteries with ever-increasing energy density. LiPo Batteries Cells combined with intelligence and surrounded by a casing provide solutions from sectors like medical, communications and robotics.

All these areas make it incredibly exciting. At first, the customer doesn’t have a LiPo battery detailed idea about what functions the battery should have. The client’s application is usually not finalized, and change occurs. I would like to say that our strength is flexibility. A lot of people don’t understand that a LiPo battery contains electronics. Nowadays that means it must be able to do everything. The situation is that the application is getting smaller and smaller. 80% of the total application size is the battery, and that’s where people see the importance of a battery.

With Coin Power we introduce many new technologies, which altogether allow us to create more density. First, of course, we are engineers, but also consultants, system suppliers, and manufacturers. If you want to say if something is our fifth element, then that is service, which is satisfied. Our customer except that every system has a lifetime of 20 years. I consider that a prerequisite but it requires a tremendous effort to be able to ensure it. Modules have to be able to be cycled for two years, three years, or even five to ten years. Sometimes simulations are not enough for that. Indeed, LiPol Battery today is entering different than before. But their roots and these ideas still exist.

Innovation is must be substantial. We deliver something to the customer which he has never had before quite like this. It’s not about our battery. It’s about being a part of another product. Further trends like the energy revolution, miniaturization, and agency of our society. Increase the demand for our products. What LiPo Batteries is characterized by is the fast and efficient integration of RD into products. We are highly innovative, and we have the know-how for efficient mass production. The brand LiPol Battery brings high expectations. I feel just like my engineers, proud of being able to work for such a company.

We produce lithium polymer battery and lithium-ion battery packs for customer electronic devices, provide full services from designing and producing the battery, also include battery packing and shipment.

LiPo Batteries Quality

Protective Circuit (Prevent the battery from short circuiting), NTC (Thermistor) and Connectors (Molex, JST & Hirose) are assembled when requested.All Lithium Ion Polymer Battery made by LiPol will be technological tested and charged to 70% before shipment.

LiPo Batteries Quality Control

Our batteries Materials are made in accordance with RoHS & IEC 62133 standards, LiPo Batteries with Flexible Dimensions High Energy Density, all batteries can pass the certificates, lipol has the strong ability and confidence with the quality to built rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries, LiPol is a Reliable Leading Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries Manufacturer, Over 30 Years Battery Expert, Competitive Price with High Quality, Accept small sample order & custom dimensions.

IEC62133 Certified 3.7V 3000mAh LiPo Battery LP805060

IEC62133 Certified 3.7V 3000mAh LiPo Battery LP805060

IEC62133 Certified 3.7V 3000mAh LiPo Battery LP805060 In the fast-paced landscape of technological evolution, the need for reliable and certified power sources is more crucial than ever. The LP805060, a 3.7V 3000mAh LiPo Battery, emerges as a beacon of power and...

3.7V IEC6233 Certificated LiPo Battery LP522844 650mAh

3.7V IEC6233 Certificated LiPo Battery LP522844 650mAh

As the world increasingly relies on portable electronic devices, the demand for compact and reliable power solutions continues to soar. In this landscape, the LP522844, a 650mAh 3.7V LiPo Battery, stands out as an energy powerhouse with the added assurance of IEC62333...

UL1642 Certified LiPo Battery Cell LP301010

UL1642 Certified LiPo Battery Cell LP301010

UL1642 Certified LiPo Battery Cell LP301010 Due to their high energy density and lightweight properties, LiPo batteries have become a staple power source for many portable electronic devices. When it comes to safety and reliability, certification plays a crucial role....

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LiPo Batteries Certification

Our  LiPo Batteries are designed for Wearable Medical devices, hardware prototypes, wireless devices, and fitness tracking devices.

Our partners are all over the world and have strong innovation and scientific research capabilities.

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